In a few simple steps.

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Git is good at version control. So integrating R with git will help you manage all your codes and workspace in a proper manner.

Once you have installed R-studio, Git and SVN

Open R-studio and click on tool from taskbar and navigate to Global Options

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Regression analysis is a technique of measuring or estimating the relationship among variables.

Regression analysis provides Estimates of values of the Dependent Variable From the value of the independent variable.

The Regression line describes the average relationship existing between x and y.

The Difference between Correlation analysis and Regression Analysis

  1. Correlation coefficient is a measure of degree of Co-variability between x and y While Objective of Regression analysis is to study the Nature of Relationship.
  2. In Correlation analysis both rₓᵧ or rᵧₓ are symmetric (rₓᵧ=rᵧₓ). In Regression analysis bₓᵧ and bᵧₓ are not symmetrical (bₓᵧ =/= bᵧₓ).
  3. In Correlation analysis

The essential step to make Awesome icons.

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Icon is a pictogram or ideogram displayed on a computer screen in order to help the user navigate a computer system.

Talking two common types of icon

  1. System Icon Eg. Settings icon, Camera icon etc.*
  2. Product Icon Eg. Cart icon, User icon etc.*

So how do you start making a icon ?

You can use different tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or any other graphic design software you work on.

Let’s make a icon matrix

Before you start make sure

  1. Size of the Document is 1080*1080
  2. Turn on Grid available on your software…

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Dreaming whole day on the coziness of the dream, never working anything on real. The most comfortable feeling was to dream of being an entrepreneur than working on becoming a entrepreneur. Dream has no deadlines. The horizon is like a mirage. It was easy for me to dream and to wish for than to be a real worker on the damn workplace. The dreams created sparks but there were no fuels to ignite the spark and turn it into a fire. At the beginner level I was awesome but I could not improve the tag to the next level. The…

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The over-whelming moment when you cry in victory ! The first cry in life at birth. Nobody knows what life actually is after the cry. There is many at the background for whatever you see in the front. A fake smile can be the best example which many of us have faced in our life. How about entering a battleground with a victory cry ? No sooner the sperm beats all kins in the quest to fertilize an egg than is he/she pushed into the real battleground, The World. Life is not what it seems to be. I would normally…

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“Why does everything has to end?”

The question crossed my mind was what left me clueless.


This was the famous saying which I frequently heard in my high school. I hate theories. I hated people speaking on big theories. I hated he teacher who taught those theories. The question that always raised on my mind was it them who discovered or invented these theories?. The problem was not the theories but they stay un-updated. …

Why I hate e-books and Audiobooks?

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E-books and Audio Books have gained a lot of attraction in the past few years and 2020 being the year of covid-19 and people being bored and trying out a new hobby.

When the whole world is in chaos I am the person who would be calmly staring at my computer screen. Creating something, sometimes figuring out how to create something but most of my task is done on my computer or a mobile device i.e. Staring at a digital screen. …

Simple traps to avoid.

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So, it’s been years since I started doing Video Editing and design stuff. But there wasn’t any bold direction I took my steps towards it. I was procastinating in a bad way (I just found out found out there is good procastination too, more about it later).

I thought I was learning new things, but I wasn’t.

Seeing how things worked!

This is bad!

During the initial days I wasted more of my time watching people do things. Yes, Initially you might try to replicate someone’s works/workflow, Of course because aren’t familiar with the terms in this new field you…

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“Change is inevitable”

  • Go to settings or search settings on start menu.
  • Go to security and updates, usually the menu with the gear icon
  • Toggle the update switch to off.
  • Now live a peaceful life since the future is full of bugs*.

I am not spreading hate or I do not hate windows 10 or microsoft. It is the thing that in all the recent times from windows 8 microsoft has failed to give us (or maybe just me) a good user experience.

Some crucial frustration include

  • Shutting down anytime
  • Blue screen of death of any unsolvable issue
  • Pc might…

It’s a Virus that mines cryptocurrency on your computer!

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Soundmixer.exe is a executable that you might find on the task manager hogging up to 100% CPU (even though I did not found it there). It all began when on a wonderful dawn, I had to switch to pc as my macbook pro (Which I used it for almost 3–4 years as my main workstation) had some issues with the charging port and it needed a repair. Yes, I am a Apple fanboy. I like the way Apple got the user experience almost better compared to windows in their product. I…

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