I have been Writing blogs on medium for a while. I do post blogs now and then, So it’s not a lot. Since medium does not provide a full blown tool to see my stats, I was curious to find out more insight on it. I recently got onboard with…

The effect in South India!

See the Full Project Here

Tools Used

  • Tableau (Visualization)
  • Microsoft Excel (Basic Understanding of Data)
  • Notion (Notes)

Click here to see Notes

Here we go, to the southern part of India to understand the covid impact on the state.

The dataset I had was record based on a single day (1.11.2021), Which meant I could not plot…

Its my Birthday today.

Its a been a great 22 years. Thanks to the Lord for his grace.

I got to learn a lot in life. Many ups and downs. I am happy that I still am myself but also afraid as going up may lose myself.

My dreams also…

Enos Jeba

Tried Everything. Coding to Visual Arts. Still Figuring Out. Know Further https://enosjeba.com/

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