Cartoons I am still hooked on to as a Adult

And also Comics !!

A kid reading Superman

Well It’s like we never grow up. We still enjoy the things we did as a kid. Maybe we are still kid at heart. One of the thing I was hooked early on in life was Cartoon and Comics.

Yes indeed they had a role to play in my life, Maybe that’s why I haven’t stopped reading / watching them!

The Snoopy Show

Platform Apple Tv+

Link The Snoopy Show | Apple TV+

It’s a spin off from Peanuts, a comic book from Charles MonroeSparkySchulz. It started during 1950s. The story revolves around the main character of Peanuts Charlie Brown’s Dog. The Dog is of a beagle and does more than what a dog can do and it iteratively tries to get into the “Cool Guy’s” category. It’s best friend is a bird named Woodstock. They both usually go on Adventures and many things together. The show also contains a version of Snoopy and Woodstock’s origin. All characters from peanuts are also present here too.

Similar Show Snoopy in Space. The story when a dog goes to space.


Link Watch | Peanuts

The Peanut Dance. It is usually slower! Gif Problems!

From the above context the Peanuts is still a good watch.

It revolves around the character Charlie Brown. The character is based on 60% real life of Charles MonroeSparkySchulz. He also mentioned in a interview that the other character’s in the cartoon were based on real life too. Charlie Brown’s life with Snoopy, Linus van Pelt, Lucy van Pelt, Sally Brown, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Schroeder, Woodstock is a delightful watch as Charlie Brown tries to overcome his obstacles in life. There are some other character’s too.

Avatar : The Last Air-bender

Avatar The Last Airbender Poster

Yes, I re-watch it. The adventure is spread across three parts. So in the story bender’s are people who can bend things. The people belong to common cluster’s of clan. In the context of the story, It was more focused on four possible bending. Every Tribe has it’s own skill.

Earth Bending

Tribe with the power to change the forms of land / mud / ground or commonly categorize it as Earth.


Fire Bending

Tribe with the ability to bend fire. These guys play with fire and use it to attack enemies.

Prince Zuko

Water Bending

Tribe capable of controlling water. They can change water forms.

Water Bender

Air Bending

Tribe which can control Air. Mostly flying and stuffs.

Avatar Aang

The avatar is the person who has mastered all these skills. Every tribe had it’s own nation and were all living without any problem until one day when Fire Nation decides to attack other tribe and capture them. Following these event’s all the avatar’s are killed, Until a girl from the water tribe finds a young avatar frozen in a ice and then the story starts from there. No more Spoilers.

Comics Strips

Well it all started when I started to read news paper in my early teenage. Though I stopped reading news paper due to the limitless negativity shared I still look forward to comic strips. Comic strips are how I got started with Peanuts too.

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes is a work by Bill Watterson. It’s all about a guy named Calvin who is friends with a Imaginary Tiger. All episodes are almost imaginary adventures of Calvin.



The Redeye comic was created by cartoonist Gordon Bess. It is a comic about a tribe of Native Americans during the 19th century.

Beetle Bailey

Beetle Bailey

Beetle Bailey is an American comic strip created by cartoonist Mort Walker, published since September 4, 1950. It is set on a fictional United States Army post. In the years just before Walker’s death in 2018, it was among the oldest comic strips still being produced by its original creator.

The story revolves around a super Lazy solider and his training in camp.



Ferd’nand was a Danish pantomime comic notable for its lack of word balloons and captions and its longevity. It was first published in 1937 and is still published regularly in several countries around the globe.\

It is about a family of three people. A son, Father and Mother. Their story might relate to your daily life. Happy Reading.


Officially published via Tinkle Digest (Indian Comic) is a fun time pass read for travel.

These are the comic books I read most. There are many which haven’t been mentioned in the list, Well you are free to comment your favorite down below I will add it to the list :)

Stay a kid forever!

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