Covid Impact Data Visualization

The effect in South India!

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Tools Used

  • Tableau (Visualization)
  • Microsoft Excel (Basic Understanding of Data)
  • Notion (Notes)

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Here we go, to the southern part of India to understand the covid impact on the state.

The dataset I had was record based on a single day (1.11.2021), Which meant I could not plot those trend lines which is most commonly seen on every place where the word stats is included. Other than that, I also was affected by the speed of Microsoft browsers.

The Datasets I got was based on the District of Tamilnadu. Once I loaded up the Map, Tableau was unable to detect the these district. On a quick glance there was a option to change geographic role as per State, Country, Region etc. I tried all the options I was sure of and none of them helped tableau to understand the districts. So, quickly went to the internet to find the solution. The results did show up on autosuggestion (Means People have already faced this issue, and I am not alone). I quickly clicked the first two links which both belonged to Tableau Community. Once on the right query, I found out that the solution was given by a person 8+ years ago. The person had manually made a map and uploaded it in the form of Tableau Workbook. I choose to go with this solution. Downloaded the file (Tableau Workbook) and opened it. Again was greeted with error. Went Back to see if anyone else encountered the same problem and there was no one as such. The result was all hidden below the Expand this button which looked like a hyperlink. Once I clicked it I found out that the user was gracious enough to provide the steps. I tried it and got a solution, But it did not help me.

I came back and scrolled down and found another link explaining this same problem. And then there was a interesting promotional launch message of tableau 9. It said it now supported the districts from India. Wow, that means the support was already built in and I was looking outside. I had Tableau 2021 and it would have had support. So opened the link to find out the steps which is where I learnt about County. The word for district is county. I wish this result showed up sooner but due to the edge browser there was enough time wasted down the drain.

Once I figured it I changed the options and the dataset was now fine but with new error. This was a simple one. There is a district named Mayiladuthurai and Tableau couldn’t locate it. I Clicked the unknown message on the bottom of the screen and Tableau provided a option to include the longitude and latitude of the location or you could browse through a long list of names to find if you have misspelled it on your dataset. The information for the longitude and latitude was available on google so it was a quick copy-paste. That’s all I could now start to visualize the number from the tables.

Adding Places manually

Dataset Description

Click below to see the Dataset Information


The Covid Stats

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The first Dashboard I created was on Stats on Covid.

  • It seems like Chennai and Coimbatore have the worst hit with more number of active cases
  • Tirrupur next to Coimbatore seem to have increase in their positive cases
  • Chennai has the most death with the bright blue spot

Bed’s for Covid Care

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Covid Care Center’s have

  • Beds with Oxygen Facility
  • Beds without Oxygen Facility
  • Beds with ICU

Chennai seemed to face many covid blows, lets see if it has enough beds

Since it has already been affected we also need to take into account the occupied beds too

Beds Occupied

Click here to See Interactive Visualization

and the Available bed’s

Bed Vacancy

Click here to See Interactive Visualization

Chennai seems to have enough (You can see the count by using the Interactive link)

Let’s find out How the treatment is going.

Click here to See Interactive Visualization

I also managed to stash a #DataisBeautiful Slide

Tree Map

The Tree map with the size representing no. of Covid Cases with the Biggest size on Top Left Corner (i.e. Chennai) and the Lowest Right Corner with Smallest Size. Well, Some name were bigger than the Container.

I have some questions which we will try to answer with the interactive Tableau Visualization. Click here to use the interactive tool

Which District has most people under treatment ?

These are the District with people under treatment. If we do a Horizontal Bar Plot,

We learn that it’s Chennai on the Top with more than 1350 people under treatment. (To see exact count use Interactive Tool)

What is the covid stats on remote areas ?

The district under remote areas are

  • Dharmapuri
  • Ramanathapuram
  • Ariyalur
  • Villupuram
  • Tiruvannamalai
  • Perambalur

Dharmapuri Ranks the top with more than 190 Cases followed by Tiruvannamalai, While Perambalur ranks the lowest with just 30+ cases.

Tiruvannamalai gets to the top on New Cases after infecting 16 new people. Perambalur seems to remain safe with no new cases as of 01.11.2021

Tiruvannamalai has increased death rate with more than 660+ reported deaths and Perambalur manages to handle it at 240+ deaths.

Moving on to the bright side we got

Chennai with the Most discharged cases, even though it is affected severely compared to other districts.

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience” — Oliver Wendell Holmes

See the Full Project Here

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Tried Everything. Coding to Visual Arts. Still Figuring Out. Know Further

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Enos Jeba

Tried Everything. Coding to Visual Arts. Still Figuring Out. Know Further

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