“Why does everything has to end?”

The question crossed my mind was what left me clueless.


This was the famous saying which I frequently heard in my high school. I hate theories. I hated people speaking on big theories. I hated he teacher who taught those theories. The question that always raised on my mind was it them who discovered or invented these theories?. The problem was not the theories but they stay un-updated. A useless old junk of knowledge which has now been carved into a structure is always identified but the hard-work is always hidden behind the curtains.

A limit is not a limit until someone tells that it is a limit and it should never be crossed. Limits never exist. It is the society that brings Limits into existence. You can reach the horizon. You can beat the clock only if you remove that limit out of your mind. It is easy to achieve anything you wish for, with passion. Passion for making things work. Passion to be a leader. Passion is the key to unlock your limits. When it is passion it is not the problem in which you fail but it is the problem in which you learn.

I wanted to build my own company. I grabbed ideas from various personalities. I was very much into achieving my dream. Unfortunately there was no place where I could plant my thesis. No matter where , i was given a set of rules which i had to follow or in other words i was given the rubber band but I could not stretch it. It was tough for to be like that. LIMITATION was the main reason why i hated education. They never allowed us to think out of the box. It was unusual for me to stay in an environment function according to some old belief with no changes. I wanted to achieve.


A dream is as important aspect in life to live the desired life. Limitations provoke creativity if we see it in proper aspect. It is a rare co-incidence. I liked ideas. We can do whatever we prepare ourselves to do. It is not what you dream, It is how much you give into your dream. It is really challenging to break limits if you are enclosed with mind influenced by surrounding. Limits are easy to break and so does any task which you need to accomplish. The simple formula is 80% ‘WHY’ and 20% ’HOW’. My limitation was Education. I hated the system. I wanted to destroy it. The only way I can is ignore it and excel in whatever field your talent is. God gave all of us equal amount of talent. The sad part is education does not respect your talent.

“Kill them with kindness” I don’t know who said this but this is the best type of revenge which you can offer your enemy which is more satisfying than any other harm you tend to do.

Push the limits ahead, Break records, When opportunity doesn’t knock you, build a door.

Be successful.

Tried Everything. Coding to Visual Arts. Still Figuring Out. More info @ www.enosjeba.com

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