Dreaming whole day on the coziness of the dream, never working anything on real. The most comfortable feeling was to dream of being an entrepreneur than working on becoming a entrepreneur. Dream has no deadlines. The horizon is like a mirage. It was easy for me to dream and to wish for than to be a real worker on the damn workplace. The dreams created sparks but there were no fuels to ignite the spark and turn it into a fire. At the beginner level I was awesome but I could not improve the tag to the next level. The awesomeness in me is recognized only by my mind which I am actually not. Writing a impressive line and writing a impressive paragraph is completely a two different thing which I thought was same. The limitation in writing a line and a paragraph is different. Thinking a huge Idea and implementing it in a line is a difficult job. The huge Idea can be referred to the feelings and problems and the line represents the smile which is the tool used to hide the thoughts. But that cant be practical, people would appreciate your smile rather than walking through your dreams still why are there some peoples after your Ideas and not Emotion? To be the most confused person in the world is the worst place you can ever lead yourself too. Not all Ideas were working to prove the Earth was round. Not all Ideas could rearrange the elements in periodic table in perfect order. Why was it the stopped once they found the answers? Why is there the tragic end to the mystery of thinking? Why did we stop? How about trying a whole new unique way? The totally new insane way to approach success.

Tried Everything. Coding to Visual Arts. Still Figuring Out. More info @ www.enosjeba.com

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