The ballad of frames

Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline

Ever got a chance to kill your story ?

I love the things present on my shot. Object’s, People’s, Ambiance and sometimes nothing.

It’s wonderful how you could just speak a lot just through the Square cropped part of any instance. Every peek through the viewfinder speaks a story for itself. Not only that you also get to capture and record the same instant of time with a press of a button. Life is something much more than just doing the day to day task. We are destined to do something and when are not sure of the next step we get frustrated. Maybe we reacted to a suspense a bit early.

The elements in the frame of a shot, each have almost a perfect alignment with the story. The lights, The Shadows, The Environment , The Atmosphere, The Subject, The Vision of someone behind the camera everything come together to form the perfect frame.


Now there are Subjects moving, Atmosphere changing, The beam of light making its way through the atmosphere to the subject, there are visible shadows…. and frame by frame the story starts breathing.

There is this man.
Trapped inside a cell.
A Screen to stare,
while the time moves ahead.
A few paper on his hands,
the story to tell.
Bits of tales on his screen laid spread
Far before from his dawn,
Clicking and Clicking with his story he moved along.
There were some frames to remove, Some needed perfection.
He just kept going on.
Broke the story,
each pieces apart!
Then trying to join it all the way along
This went on for days.
This went on for weeks.
Just Pixels, Script, the story and him.
And it went on and

Note : This will happen again on the next episode of life!

This is the story of a storyteller who has a story which was told by a storyteller to tell a story of a character who had a amazing story to tell.

Living life 24 frames at a time!




Tried Everything. Coding to Visual Arts. Still Figuring Out. Know Further

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Enos Jeba

Enos Jeba

Tried Everything. Coding to Visual Arts. Still Figuring Out. Know Further

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