The day I met alphabet on Math

The over-whelming moment when you cry in victory ! The first cry in life at birth. Nobody knows what life actually is after the cry. There is many at the background for whatever you see in the front. A fake smile can be the best example which many of us have faced in our life. How about entering a battleground with a victory cry ? No sooner the sperm beats all kins in the quest to fertilize an egg than is he/she pushed into the real battleground, The World. Life is not what it seems to be. I would normally say that Newtons law which quotes saying ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ can be more specified as ‘For every action, there is an unknown equal and opposite reaction.

Everything is magical around us. The things we see in nature follow a phenomenal order. The whole universe shrunk into numbers. The third most spoken language ‘ENGLISH’ has 26 letters. Math has a completely another universe inside it. You can do math with eight numbers. Being introduced to the 0–9 numbers and the 26 alphabets in english at a young age, it seemed like the whole universe has only some combination. As the needle of the clock moved forward there came existence of more combinations as the alphabet could now be written associated with numbers. The most flabbergasted moment was the instant when I met alphabet on math. The complete new weapon on the battlefield.

The problems in life cannot be calculated. Life offers a new obstacle to every another step you proceed. Even the combination of letter to a number will be less compared to the reaction of every action you perform. Remember when limiting your dream , Tend them to infinity.

Tried Everything. Coding to Visual Arts. Still Figuring Out. More info @

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