The smiling idiot

What if it is just you who are different ?

It is late. The man seems to have missed his shot. The man, with a smiling face, was staring at the reflection in the water. The multiple ripples ruined the image formed, but he never shifted his focus for a second. His clueless look and stiff manner suggest a man in whom confusion runs deep. The Clueless Man and His Story He was inspired by everything. Always lost, broken, and smiling. But he could do something… he could write, perhaps.

What would a clueless man write?

He has no idea what he is doing.

What would a clueless man think?

Well, his thoughts are nothing more than tangled neurons.

Where would a clueless man be?

Nowhere because he is not aware of the surroundings.

Where would a clueless man go?

All the way down to overthinking his past.

What would a clueless man be?

Confused and slow to trust, sailing in the middle of the desert

How does this clueless man walk?

A step every hour

What does a clueless man think of him?

He is confused about that too.

What did the men exclaim at the sight of the clueless man?

The smiling idiot

I am not sure if he is the guy who failed to figure out the world or the guy who avoided following the crowd. If all the people were in the pit and just one guy was outside, would he not be tempted to fall into the pit? Oh, what if he is on his way somewhere but finds the whole world in the pit? Wouldn’t he be confused about his path? Oh, no! It’s too dangerous to think the whole world is wrong. If the whole world was wrong, would their lives be meaningless and would not a single man on the face of the earth have the courage to accept it? Or if the whole world is right and the guy is also sure that he is on the right path, unlike the people in the pit!

Dreams are the race to catch a rainbow. The bow is formed high above the sky. A thousand miles away, but it does always give us a smile. It did feel better than chasing the clouds, which is what most people did. The clouds as well as the rainbow are spread across the sky. One jumps out with colorful bands while the other just stands like a grumpy old man. But in the desert, none of them are present. And yet, with a hope for rain, I reached my 23rd year on earth.

As I write this, I am clueless about life. Life in itself is becoming a new form of complexity. Everything is connected and tangled. If you think you can just follow a line and figure it out, you will learn that there is much more than knots and twisted lines.




Tried Everything. Coding to Visual Arts. Still Figuring Out. Know Further

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Enos Jeba

Enos Jeba

Tried Everything. Coding to Visual Arts. Still Figuring Out. Know Further

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